Oy Baltic Truffle Ab is the General Importer of Trufo´s refined Truffle Products in the Nordic and Baltic Countries. We distribute a full line of Fresh Truffles during the season. species

In addition to importing and marketing refined truffle products we are also involved in farming/cultivating truffles i.e. by establishing truffle plantations.

Truffle Products

The Truffle Products are manufactured by T di T Processing Kft and imported from Trufo in Hungary. We advise due to ongoing changes in Trufo´s product portfolio our customers to visit the home pages of Trufo (www.trufo.com).

Fresh Truffles

We are offering a broad range of different truffle species in the season (normally August to January). Due to good foreign partners, we can offer truffle of good quality at competitive prices. Good logistics guarantee the freshness of the imported truffle.


BalticTruffle is also involved in farming/cultivating truffles i.e. by establishing truffle plantations. We are currently involved as partner or advisor in plantations in the Nordic Region containing more than 14.000 trees inoculated with foremost Tuber aestivum/uncinatum (burgundy).


Serious interest for truffle cultivation started in Finland about 2006. We spent a few years traveling to all the famous truffle countries in Europe, visiting both natural truffle grounds, established truffle orchards, as well as researchers. Inspired by the early successes on the island of Gotland, Sweden we established Oy Truffle-Pro Ab in 2009, with the mission to promote the establishment of Burgundy Truffle Orchards in the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. Today more than 20 orchards have been planted in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. The host trees used are English Oak (Quercus robur) and Hazel (Corylus avellana) and all seeds are of local origin. The inoculation material has primarily come from Gotland and is all the Burgundy Truffle (Tuber aestivum/uncinatum). The first trees were planted in 2010, with new orchards being established every year since then. The trees are doing very well and root samples indicate that they all have maintained the original and intended mycorrhiza. We expect the oldest orchards to fruit very soon. Our company is involved in managing 14 000 planted trees in Finland, on the Alandia Islands and in Sweden.